Jul 15, 2011

Not Iceland. Hogwarts.

John made the ultimate sacrifice, and accompanied me to the opening of Harry Potter 7, Pt. 2, the 12:01 am show. It was a first for me buying tickets online--good thing, as it sold out. I wanted to experience one Harry Potter opening night in my lifetime, and this was my last chance. 

It is surprising to realize that I've only been a fan for 2 1/2 years! But in that time I've read the series twice, listened to it once, and, as of tonight, have seen all the movies.

It was a lovely night in Richmond; unusually cool, with a full moon. My favorite part happened as we were waiting in line, when the girl behind me said, "I feel like my childhood is ending tonight."

Favorite part #2: Despite the best efforts of Danielle-at-work, I was not costumed--but, waiting for John to return from the restroom after the movie, I got to see the costumes, the faces, and hear the comments of legions of other Potter fans. Most of them pretty darn nerdy. I loved them all.

Favorite #3: The man next to me politely turned off his cell phone as the movie started, put it away, and proceeded to fall asleep. After the movie I tapped him on the shoulder ... "did you sleep through the whole movie?" "Yes!" I said to his daughter, "and you let him!"
... John and Stranger Dad: two men who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Next it's my turn, when I have to get up and go to work at 7 am ...

Was this movie "The Best"? Probably not. But it was really quite good. Thank you Harry. Thank you, J.K. Rowling.


AntoniaFD said...

Good luck at work today!

Gunnella said...

We snuck to the cinema on Sunday, felt kind of wrong going to see Harry Potter without the kids but as datenights go it was nice. There were a lot fewer people there than I expected and alas no costumes ;-)