Jul 11, 2011

Hekla erupts in Richmond

We have a new family member, a girl kitten who is 4 months old. She's still bitty, but my, her paws are big and her legs are long. Her volcanic-ash grey color prompted us to name her Hekla, since we signed the adoption papers right when the volcano appeared ready to blow.

I have been following news reports of Hekla, and was rather amazed to see one report placing Hekla right in the middle of Heimaey, in the Westman Islands.  Hey, either do your research or get yourself a librarian! The Volcanism Blog wrapped up the issue with a nice blast of humor.

I'm happy to report that our Hekla is a women's soccer fan: she joined John and I for Sunday's World Cup U.S./Brazil game--and what a game it was! Something tells me that on Wednesday at noon I won't be focused on work. I just might have my computer on ESPN 3. Hekla will have to miss the game: she'll be at home tormenting our dogs.

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