Aug 1, 2009

Half Continental Marathon Complete!

Yes, we did it. Our third day began at 6 am, sunrise, in Grand Island, Nebraska. We stopped in Valley Junction, Des Moines for brunch, and bypassed the famous birthplace of Antonia, Ames, Iowa, heading straight up the road for Minneapolis. We arrived, after 11 hours on the road, at 5 pm.

Yes, there was another afternoon thunderstorm, yes there was a ton of road work (but no road workers--what's with that?), and yes, the architecture-award-winning Iowa rest stops were ... memorable.

What was truly memorable was finding family out on the street awaiting us.

Postscript: here is our trusty car, which took us 1,800 worry free miles, only to break down in the garage, two days later. Good timing, old friend! Most excellent timing!

Starter problems


John said...

Skip looks like he is ready to cry.

AntoniaFD said...

I picture the road trip being like that childen's book we used to have, "Just Us Women"

Have you done any blog buddy meet ups?

Rose said...

John: He didn't cry. He just felt like it.

Antonia: That's exactly what I was telling Jody! I have to find that book for her. And yes, I drove to Anoka for a Batty/Weaver meet-up. It was great. Blog to follow.

Lisa B. said...

What vitamins do you take and where can I get them?!
And how do you manage to make the google/password/verification words look Icelandic? You're amazing. Travel safely!