Aug 4, 2009

Iceland in Minnesota

A trip to Minneapolis wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Flippist World Headquarters! I traveled up to Anoka, where Batty and the Weaver welcomed me with homemade banana bread and fresh coffee. It was a lovely day to see their garden, and talk about books, films, and the universe. I toured the mysterious subterranean regions where the Batty audio and photo archives live, and I got to see some of the Weaver's art, including her different looms.

I also got to experience the Iceland Show! In 2005 Batty put together an exhibition of pictures he took in Iceland, paired with blog posts by Auður Ösp. The exhibition was at a local community college. When the exhibit ended and was packed away in the Flippist Archives, little did he guess that he would be pulling it out again in 2009, to share with a fellow fanatic.

Maybe with some encouragement, Batty would consider creating a web page that would once again pair Auður's blog narratives with his photo exhibit, making it available to a wider audience. Hmmm?

Professor Batty, aka Stephen Cowdery
Is he thinking about re-opening the Iceland Show?


Professor Batty said...

He's thinking about straightening up that shelf full of papers behind him.
There once was a site for the show, with some of the pictures and posts, for some reason it became a spam-magnet so I took it down.

Professor Batty said...

A picture from the show:

Rose said...

Nice to see a big bunch of potential Iceland berserkers! I like the photo.