Jun 26, 2009

Down the Road

Our new neighborhood, where we'll be moving to when our log house renovation is farther along, is just 3 miles down the road from where we now live. As you enter the neighborhood, it is like entering a whole different world: it is more heavily wooded and the sun is filtered through the trees so that dusk arrives earlier. It feels like the country. And, there are lots more pests:

Among the many pests we encounter are mosquitoes and tics, poison ivy and bamboo (all are much more plentiful than usual this year, due to heavy rains). Fortunately, this is one pest that isn't present:

What a great sign! Gives me a chuckle. Besides the lack of rattlesnakes, other advantages to the Southhampton neighborhood: access to the James River (canoeing and kayaking), good areas for walking and biking, and the best neighbors ever.
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John said...

I've never noticed that qualifier on the sign before! I bet the rattlesnakes put it up to lull us into a state of complacency.

Rose said...

Just like the vampire bamboo in our basement.

Rose said...

Try this link:

vampire bamboo

AntoniaFD said...

Best neighbors ever!

I love that sign.