Jun 25, 2009

Happy Fathers Day! Part 5

I have my Dad to thank for my love of books. What greater gift to give someone? But there's more! When I told him I was reading books about Iceland, he put me on the Icelandair mailing list. The first time an Icelandair brochure arrived in the mail, I laughed derisively. Why would I want to go to Iceland, for heaven's sake? Why would anyone want to go there?

I did look through the brochure, though, with all the glossy color pictures. It started to look kind of interesting.

The next brochure arrived, and I didn't laugh ... I looked through it carefully. I was beginning to change my mind. I started thinking that Iceland would be a really good place to travel to. I signed up for a contest, and fervently hoped I would win the Iceland Air trip for two. I didn't win, but for my birthday that year, my always generous Dad gave me enough money for John and I to take that trip to Iceland. We eventually decided to make the money stretch to a trip for four, and Gabriel and Peter went with us, doubling the family enjoyment quotient.

My love for Iceland keeps growing. I keep signing up for contests, and hoping I can return to Iceland. And I always keep a grateful heart, that my Dad gave me my love for books and my love for Iceland. Thanks so much, Dad.

Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers, with thanks for their many legacies.

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