Nov 16, 2006

Iceland Travel Guides: Rough Guide to Iceland

Leffman, David and James Proctor. Rough guide to Iceland. New York: Rough Guides, 2004. 399 pgs. $18.99

Color pictures, maps, reference, historical information. A good companion to the Lonely Planet guide. When looking for locations, activities, geological features and historical discussions we found more of what we were looking for in Lonely Planet than in the Rough Guide. However, there were some times that we found what we were looking for in the Rough Guide and not Lonely Planet. That's why you need both guides, and you need to bring both guides with you. If all the lodging in one of the guides is booked, or you don't find a town you are going to visit, you'll be very grateful to have a second guide to check. While the free/commercial brochures that you pick up at tourist centers in Iceland are useful, you'll find these two guides more trustworthy and objective. This one excels with its coverage of the more remote, natural areas and parks, with many detailed maps and trails included.

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