Nov 15, 2006

Iceland Travel Guides: Lonely Planet

If you plan to travel to Iceland, you can afford to get all the available travel guides. There are three--three that count, that is. Traveling to Iceland is an expensive proposition, and investing in these will help you make the most of your trip, and prevent you from spending more money than necessary in order to have the best possible trip. None of these guides have all the information you need, and consulting each of them will allow you to pick the best lodging, best dining, and best activities in any given area.

This Lonely Planet guide is my vote for Best All Around ("if you could only have one travel guide...").

Harding, Paul and Joe Bindloss. Iceland. Oakland: Lonely Planet, 2004. 328 pgs. $19.99

Color pictures, maps, reference pages, historical information. This guide was very reliable, and had the highest percentage of entries for all of the places, big and small, that we visited while traveling the Ring Road all the way around the island. This book was by far the most dog-eared, with the most folded-down pages, at the end of our trip. This one won't let you down.

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