Apr 3, 2006

How do I learn Icelandic?

Rating: 4 puffins

It appears that Icelandic is impossibly difficult to learn! But not to fear: Daisy L. Neijmann makes it as palatable as possible. Colloquial Icelandic: The Complete Course for Beginners consists of a book, and an audiocassette or CD. It is about $50. for the set, and there are three reasons to buy it: 1) explanations are clear, and progression of the course well-paced, 2) the narrator has a lovely voice (apparently she's British), and 3) Daisy Neijmann is the Halldor Laxness (my favorite author!) Lecturer in Icelandic at University College London. Buy both the book and the recording.


Bless means "bye."

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Antonia said...

What are some of your favorite Icelandic phrases? Will you be able to converse with the locals when you travl there?