Apr 4, 2006

My Rant: Anthony Bourdain Offends My National Pride

Rating: no puffins

OK, so I don't have much Icelandic blood in me. Well, not any, actually. But I was insulted by Bourdain's Iceland-Special Edition which aired recently on the Travel Channel.

I have viewed a number of Icelandic travel films, and haven't seen any that were worthwhile. So I had high hopes for this one, and settled in for an interesting evening. I never would have watched the whole show if I had imagined that it could maintain such a high level of meaninglessness throughout.

Bourdain is self-abosorbed and shallow, and seems to think it very amusing to insult the people who are his hosts and guides. This is a "scene by scene commentary" typical of feature films on DVD. If there is a "real" film that goes with this, I don't want to see it.

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