May 17, 2010

Mother's Day is a Great Holiday!

A quick report on my Mother's Day. All the kids were in town, and we had a wonderful meal together. Ok, I cooked it but that was only because I made lasagna the week before and figured I might as well double it, freeze it, and pull it out for Mother's Day. My thinking was, that would give the kids time to focus on dessert. Good call!

Lace cookie dessert cradles--or Lace cookie dessert tacos? You vote.

Another benefit was that we had time to indulge in the Fun Family Activity I requested: a stationery stamping party!

Jonathan hand-carved stamps for us at Christmas, and I wanted to learn how to use them. We had a great time, and we all now own lot's of lovely stationery, which is likely to appear in the mailboxes of many of my readers. 

Red roses, a plant for the garden, and a lesson in pinning my hair up (from my favorite cosmetologist, Rachel) rounded off a lovely day.

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