May 11, 2010

Look out! The World is coming to an end!

 This quote from The Hunchback of Notre Dame spoke to me:
Meanwhile, Master Andry Musnier, appointed bookseller in the University, leaned over and whispered to the king's furrier, Master Gilles Lecornu, "I tell you, sir, it's the end of the world. Never has there been loose such an unruly mob of students! It's the accursed inventions of the age that are ruining everything--the artillery, the muskets, the cannons, and above all the printing press, that scourge brought from Germany. No more manuscripts, no more books. Printing is ruining bookselling. The end of the world is upon us."

"I see it is, marked especially by velvet's coming so much into fashion!" sighed the furrier.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, by Victor Hugo. Translated by Walter J. Cobb. New York: Signet, 1965. Originally published in 1831.

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Professor Batty said...

The 1820's were sooo much better!