Mar 4, 2010

Benni Hemm Hemm: Saddest Song

As I reconstruct my blog, and get back into a posting routine, I'll start out with something I've been looking forward to sharing. Thanks to friend Thor, of Reykjavík, I now have a translation to share of Til Eru Frae.

          Til eru fræ
Til eru fræ sem fengu þennan dóm
að falla í jörð en verða aldrei blóm
eins eru skip sem aldrei landi ná
og iðgræn lönd er sökkva í djúpin blá

Og von sem hefur vængi sína misst
og varir sem að aldrei geta kysst
og elskendur sem aldrei geta mæst
og aldrei geta sumir draumar ræst

Til eru ljóð sem lifna og deyja í senn
og lítil börn sem aldrei verða menn

(Davíð Stefánsson)

          There are seeds
There are seeds that carry a doom
To fall to earth but never get to bloom
Ships that terra firma never make
And green land the dark seas take

And hope that wingless sorry sits
And lips that never feel a kiss
And lovers that can never meet
And dreams that fade in sad defeat

Some poems at once live and die
And children that never see the sky

(David Stefansson from Fagraskogi
Transl: ©Thorgeir Lawrence, 22 August 2007)

We heard Benni Hemm Hemm in concert in San Francisco, and they sang this poem. They introduced it as the "Saddest Song."  By the way, they will release a new recording this month.  Listen to some of their music here.

I'm feeling guilty about having neglected my blog so long, and also feeling bad about all the elements that I need to reconstruct (links, Icelandic trip journal, and more). So, I am offering free, to the first person who asks, my Benni Hemm Hemm tee. It is a women's size M, and is too small for me. It is more like a size for a junior Viking ... runs pretty small. I'd be happy if another Benni Hemm Hemm fan were to enjoy it!


Professor Batty said...

Welcome back! I was afraid that I would have to start writing Icelndic Fever posts, in the same way that I've done a
Sharon Spotbottom

Rose said...

Thank you, Batty! I think I like this idea...guilt free and effort free, for me. When is "my" next post going to be ready? And yes, it was great to see Sharon again ...

Shannon said...

I sent you an Icelandic jewelry group on Facebook...hope you saw it! If you don't find a home for your Benni Hemm Hemm t-shirt, I have a junior viking who will be 8 and would love to have it. She loves everything Icelandic since she was born there. =) {{{hugs}}} to you!

Rose said...

Delaney would be my first choice for my Benni Hemm Hemm tee! In fact, she IS my first choice! And yes, I got the jewelry group--thanks!

Shannon said...

You are so good to us!!! Takk fyrir! She will be thrilled and surprised. I'll keep it a secret. Doing construction in our kitchen this dad is here from PA. He and Steven did a wall extension so we can have a pantry and be able to install a DISHWASHER!!! What will I do with all the extra time I'll have on my hands?! =)

Rose said...

Blog more? ;-)