Sep 26, 2009

More fashion in Iceland

I got home to find a new Garnet Hill Catalog in the mail, and I paged through it slowly with growing excitement. Was it? Could it be? By the time I had savored the last page (which wasn't too dangerous ... the only thing that seriously tempted me were the Frye slouch buckle boots, and I'm not getting them) I was pretty sure it had been shot in Iceland.

I looked carefully at the outer and inner front and back covers, and nowhere in the catalog did it say where the photos were shot! But lo, in an amazing example of customer service, I received the answer by email in record time: 25 minutes. Yes, the photos were shot in Iceland.

Unfortunately this catalog isn't available online (unlike the Anthropologie catalog), although you can see many of the photos at their website. But maybe you (or your spouse) recently got the catalog in the mail--take a vicarous trip to Iceland with some well-dressed models!


John said...

This gives me a legitimate reason to stare at catalog models.

Rose said...

If you'd like to admire real Icelandic women, in their natural habitat, I'd be happy to take you there. Really.