Sep 12, 2009

The car next to me honked

Foo, Wukong and I were on our way to the vets today. A car pulled up next to me, and to my surprise the woman honked and gestured at me. When she pulled ahead of me, Boy Howdy!, her car had a matching Iceland sticker! I gave her the thumbs up. What a happy thought, that there is another Richmond Berserker driving about.

Next, in the waiting room of the veterinary clinic, a father and son sat next to us with their beagle. They were reading a magazine all about birds. The father came to a page with a bird he didn't recognize.  I glanced over to see what he was puzzling over. A puffin! We ended up having a nice discussion about puffins and where they live as we waited.

A very Icelandic day today, in Richmond.


9uy said...

I never saw this sticker in Iceland. We got IS on every car plate just in case.

Rose said...

I love my Iceland sticker ;-)

Galaxy6139 said...

:D really nice sticker. It's really a lovely way to show their love to their country... ^^