Aug 17, 2009

Vacation Retrospective #1

Red Convertible

There is so much to do in Los Angeles! I meant for a top ten, but failed.

Dodger Game

My favorites, or, the Three Fs (Family, Food, Fun):

1. Helping out with the Garage Sale! Couldn't take all the stuff I wanted--only went home with two (small) things.
2. Building on my "base tan" (translation: "base tan"=nonexistent; "building"=burn) at Seal Beach.
3. Poolside fun at Coca Street
4. Eating at In-N-Out Burger for the first time ever! (Fresh! really!)
5. Watching the Dodgers win
6. Connecting with family chickens and cats on Junipero (Jeff and Jen too ... )
7. The Iceland photo exhibit at Gallery Skart

Olvera Street

8. Bergamot Station
Is it art? Or, is this car green?

9. The Nordstrom sale! My excuse: helping put niece Elise through college. ;-)
10. Being able to walk to the market and the coffee shop.
11. Mount Baldy is soooooooooooo beautiful ... loved seeing it most every day.
12. Being a Personal Shopper for Martha.
13. Eating at Philippe's Home of the French Dip (est. 1908)
14. Browsing through colorful Olvera Street (where we replenished our Milagro supply)
15. Touring the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels: stunning architecture.
16. Hearing David Ross' jazz group play at Table Ten in Fullerton

Personal Shopper

17. The Grammy Museum definitely rocks. And it deserves a post of its own: tomorrow.
Cathedral with windows of alabaster


Janet said...

You did a few of my favorite things. (let's Sing) We take the metro to Union Station. Did you see the Avila Adobe? I am not good a links but give it a look.

Next trip you will have to come and have Indian Food with me in Little India aka Artesia.

Rose said...

oooh, please don't bring up the Sound of Music ... no, no, don't let that song run through my head, OH HELP!

I chastised John for never telling me about the adobe. We've always just walked right by! Next time we'll stop in.

And I will definitely have Indian food with you--can't wait to eat in Little India. No better food in the world than Indian!
If you want to find out how the Icelandophiles cheat with Indian food, read the comments here