Apr 30, 2009

Un Gran Milagro

My Mother introduced us to milagros, and it was my Mother who bought a log house, here in Virginia. Mom passed away shortly before Antonia and Jonathan's wedding. They moved into her house after they married, and have been living there for 5 years. Gabriel lived with them part of that time.

Now Antonia and Jonathan have purchased their very first home: a log house right next door to Mom's. They moved in today! In order to assure its purchase we got a milagro. IT SO WORKED! Here is Jonathan answering the door when I arrived today.

Gabe and Rachael will move into Mom's house and live there for awhile as we renovate the house; eventually John and I will live there. We now have a family compound! Advantages of A. & J.'s house over the original one: heating, cooling, two bathrooms, a bigger kitchen, already fixed up. Advantages of our place: lot's of potential. Plus we have the best architectural group ever working on it.

This is actually the third milagro house that has worked miracles for family members or friends. We recently sent some milagros to Jody and Skip in California, to work on some special goals for them, and we are very confident.
Thanks to milagros!

And thanks to my Mom for taking on the first log house challenge, and showing us what can be done with hard work and vision. She loved that house! And she loves the people who live there, I know.


Shannon said...

I want to see more pictures! I also want to know does the bamboo make a nice sound in the wind? Gosh, that stuff is huge!

Michele W. said...

Hey Darien,

Congratulations to all. You talk about Milagros and that they work...but what are they and how do they work? Details please! Let's talk soon about your trip out to visit! Love Michele

John said...

(cough - superstitious - cough)

Rose said...

Shannon: bamboo makes really cool noises when it's covered with ice. It's beautiful and makes a lovely screen, but it is impossible to get rid of. Don't ever, ever consider planting it without talking to me first! We have it growing up through our floor from time to time, auggh!
Our log house blog features a photo a week, but also links to all our log house pictures.
Michele, if you click on the milagros link it the first line it takes you to an explanation. While we have a number of the ex-votos, when we talk about milagros we are usually referring to the small, cheap tin figures like the ones pictured at the end of the post. The one at the top of this post is fancier than most. It is currently hanging in my kitchen to facilitate the log house project and speed up the move-in date :-)
John: you know you believe.