Mar 30, 2009

Remembering Bill Holm

I just received a lovely book from Minnesota's McKnight Foundation, published when Holm was awarded the McKnight Foundation's 2008 Distinguished Artist award. The book is luscious with photographs and illustrations, and gives you a feel for the man, the writer, and the central place that Minnesota held in his life. Friends and colleagues of Bill's contributed essays to the book, and Bill wrote the Artist's Statement. You can download the book at the McKnight Foundation website, or you can request a free copy while the supply lasts. I will treasure mine, and I look forward to a leisurely reading over spring break next week.
Bill's publisher, Milkweed Editions, has compiled Tributes to Bill, taken from radio, blogs, web sites, and the news media. There's some wonderful stuff there, and many humorous stories.


9uy said...

Hi, I was happy to find your blog and to read your Icelandic experiences.

Take care, Guy

Rose said...

Thank you, Guy. I am working on re-ordering the Trip Journal so that it can be read more easily in chronological order (the link at the very bottom of the right panel). It's taking me awhile, though!

Rose said...

And, I'm really glad to discover your blog! While we dream it, you live it!