Nov 18, 2008

Election Update: Obama Wins Iceland!

Dateline Iceland:

"We spent Nov. 4th watching the presidential election returns at a party at the Grand Hotel sponsored by the US Embassy. It started at 9pm (GMT) and...we were up until 6:00 watching the speeches on a special CNN broadcast on Icelandic TV.

The party was packed with Icelanders concerned with the results. They even seemed a little upset that they couldn't vote in this election (after all, BBC's election coverage tagline was 'Their vote effects our world'). So the Embassy held a poll of their own, giving Iceland 3 Electoral College votes. The final count was 85% in favor of Obama. Needless to say there was much celebration when he won for real."
This exciting news was gleaned from Jessica and Ben, two artists from the U.S. who share a blog called Amerískur as they spend a year in Iceland. Jessica Langley, a painter/printmaker, is recently from Virginia Commonwealth University, and Ben Kinsley is a performance artist. I am enjoying keeping up with their travels.

Three Electoral votes for Obama from Iceland: BOY HOWDY!

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