Jul 18, 2008

Off the Map

Mexico rocks! Imagine living somewhere where you can get fast food that is delicious and cheap, any time, any where. This is our favorite taco stand:

We went nearly every day for lunch, and to lay in a supply of fresh salsa for the upcoming 24 hours. The vegetarians' favorite? Carne asada tacos, of course.

The highlight of the trip was crossing the border on the way home. Desviación means detour, by the way, and we saw this sign a lot. Unfortunately, it was a warning sign, NOT a directional sign. It took our friends three hours to cross the border, but as Martha said, "it's going to take us three hours to FIND the border." She was right.

We finally pulled over at a pizza shop near the Otay crossing. I was elected to go in and obtain directions. Two customers were inside, and I went to the counter and rang the bell. The owner appeared. Due to stress and inattention, I didn't remember that the word for straight (derecho) is just one letter away from the word for right (derecha), and thus we had trouble communicating. Finally he gestured me outside, where I assumed he was going to point me in the right direction. No...he jumped in his car and told us to follow him! Without locking his cash drawer or his front door, he left his shop and actually drove us the mile and a half or so to the border! Here's my hero:

Back in L.A. we found time to help Philippe's (Famous French Dip Sandwich) celebrate their 100-year anniversay. Coffee: $ .10! (it went up from a nickel in the 70's).

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