Jul 3, 2008

Laxness Sighting

Yes, Laxness was at the American Library Association Annual Conference! Made my day.


Professor Batty said...

... YES!

Jonathan said...

you mean Lochness? The Lochness montser? OMG!

Jon said...

Okay, between you and Batty I have ordered a used copy of Independent People. I am sure it will strengthen my growing obsession with Iceland. Is that dangerous?

Rose said...

We hope so! Dangerous in a very, very good way ;-)
I'm not sure how long you've been reading Batty--have you seen our Laxness List posts? Independent People may not be the most accessible of Laxness' works; on the other hand, it may appeal to you right off!


Jon said...

I have read much of Batty's writings and quite a bit of yours even though the discovery is recent. I wanted to get in a meaningful recreational read before school starts again. Then its academia for a while. It is fun to find people with so much commonality even though I am not a blogger. Not eloquent or prolific enough.

Rose said...

Well, Jon, you can see that some of us are more prolific than others--I admire my blog friends who consistently post, week in, week out. You clearly have eloquence about subjects you're interested in--Iceland! and, who knows what else--so don't rule it out. I'm sure there's a story there about your Father's ashes, and what your cosmic bond is to Iceland.