Feb 12, 2008

Young dog, trainable

Sun Wukong the Faux Foo isn't eager to learn new tricks unless they involve FOOd. Our daughter works on teaching him when she comes by, but our cat Xuxa has been more successful.

When Xuxa is hungry in the middle of the night, and her cat bowl is empty, she paws the plastic bowl which sits on a plastic tray. The bowl will roll and rattle, ominous and loud. Sleepers no longer sleep. Cursing happens.

A couple of nights ago I was upstairs and heard a curious racket downstairs. John was upstairs. Xuxa was upstairs.

I went downstairs and found Wu, rattling his plastic food bowl, in exactly the same manner as the cat. This is a dog who has never so much as whined, barked, or looked at us pleadingly to fill his bowl. He is clearly one observant dog.

Wu's favorite spot to relax? Sitting in the twirly computer chair, or his favorite box top.

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Anonymous said...

I think your dog might be a genius.