Dec 26, 2007

Merry Icelandic Christmas to Me!

...and to YOU!

Not to forget my non-Icelandic treasures (thank you, VCU booksale)

Jeff and Jen's Long Beach edition of Merry Bingo...

featured Iceland on select cards!

"Winner is rewarded with complete domination of the See's candy" (two pound box!)

No, I didn't win. But I had LOTS of fun. I recommend Merry Bingo for all Christmas family gatherings (customized, of course).


Professor Batty said...

... I see that I'm not the only person to get Heima for Christmas. (We're waiting for some quality uninterrupted time before we watch it (the Weaver is a huge Amiina fan.) The book of Modern Nordic plays looks like a real find, from the cover it appears to be from the early 60's? The church music looks good (quint singing?), with titles such as Deceitful World you know it must be good for you! Voices is such a great book! You've got your work cut out for you...

P.S... Track #4 on Screaming
gets me every time I hear it.

Rose said...

Modern Nordic Plays has a play in it by Laxness, "The Pigeon Banquet." It's copyright 1973; nice ed. It comes with a good story. My daughter helps run the VCU Library booksale, so she is always on the lookout for good books. This one slipped by her, though, and she saw it when a bookdealer/friend was buying it--with lots of other books. So she told him she'd buy it from him when he got it priced. --But he brought it back and gave it to her instead ;-) [Here is a plug for; check out their cool Books on Wheels: free books and bike repairs]
Yep, lots of good stuff!

Professor Batty said...

Is the play Úa or Norðanstúlkan?

Rose said...

Pigeon Banquet apparently translates to Dufnaveizlan.

Shannon said...

Oooh, is "The Viking" a hot and heavy romance novel? I could stand to be pillaged by HIM! ;-)

Love your new book stash...speaking of Stash...if you like black licorice, try Stash Tea's Licorice Spice. Yummy.

Oh, I got "The Far Traveler" for Yule if you don't have a copy! I'm more than happy to share mine.

Rose said...

Hi Shannon,
I'm sure you're going to enjoy Far Traveler! I've just begun her other book that you lent me. It's interesting to read her experience from the same time and place as Little Lava, but another perspective. I'm enjoying it a lot already.You read Little Lava as well, right?

Shannon said...

Yes, I read Little Lava after A Good Horse Has No Color. Sad about NMB's mother-in-law. I was living near State College, PA at the time. I don't recall her murder but I do remember the plane with the high school kids going down...there were a number of family members who worked at Lock Haven University with me who were affected by it. Both were very sad tragedies.

I LOVE Far Traveler so far! I just wish I had more time to sit and read. 9 more months and I'll have *12* hours/week all alone!!!