Dec 10, 2007

Let's Visit Gljufrasteinn

Let me try to tempt you to visit the home of Halldór Laxness...either on your next trip to Iceland, your next "I live here, why don't I do any local sightseeing" excursion, or by going to the website, which is informative and has many additional pictures.

The museum staff is very helpful, via email as well as in person. The museum bookstore has a large selection of Laxness books in many languages.

All photos are from the Gljufrasteinn website, except for the last two.

et-ERN-it-Y Clock

Stand up Desk


Maria Alva said...

You write wonderfully, Rose. The previous post is a sweet read! And thank you for letting me know about the calendar. I'm glad it makes you happy!

Rose said...

Thanks, Maria, it so good to get your comments. What does a librarian love more than sharing a great book? Sharing a Great Author!