Nov 3, 2007

BookCrossing Releases

I released my first two BookCrossing books last weekend, in and near Floyd on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Seven of us visited the lovely Thompson Tree Farm for an early Thanksgiving. If you spend a little time playing with the BookCrossing website, you'll be able to discover what I released, where, and read my reviews of the books. I look forward to seeing where my books will resurface. Happy Hunting!

We made a surprising and delicious discovery when we visited Foggy Ridge Cider, tasting their delicious beverage. It was a closer cousin to fine wine than apple cider. Delicious.

The only connection that my weekend had to Iceland was a sentence I came across in a book I'm reading, "The Case of the Missing Books", by Ian Sansom:
I don't know. People love reading round here. It's like Iceland.
(Spoken by an Irishman.)

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