Sep 6, 2007

Like Iceland, With Trees

We grew up in California, but none of us had ever been to Yosemite. So the four of us decided to change that, and in July we moseyed on over. Despite the disturbing similarities that Yosemite Valley bears to Disneyland (I mean amenities and services, not scenery), we had a marvelous time. While the tent cabins are scattered among huge boulders and large trees, they are often too close for much privacy. Curry Village is very crowded, yet everyone is there for a good time and the mood is relaxed. There is a huge influx of young people from abroad working at Yosemite, which lends a lot to the ambiance. While ordering tacos we noticed that our server was from the Czech Republic, so we discussed family names, determined that we were not related, and learned that our last name originally meant "ghost" or "spirit." We got some advice about an extended vacation, by working in Yosemite--very tempting! The huge mountain and rock formations were lovely, with the addition of a non-Icelandic element: Yosemite has lots of trees. Oh, and it's a bit warmer.

Curry Tent Cabin, by John

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