Sep 5, 2007

Icelanders Visit!

Delaney, a natural-born Iceland girl, visited me today ["today" was August 20] with her Mom, Shannon, and her brother and sister. At the great age of 5, Delaney is already a very perceptive young girl. She admired my Icelandic rock necklace, complimented me on my skirt (purchased yesterday), and looked directly into my eyes when she talked to me, which could have been disconcerting if I had anything to feel guilty about.

I learned that Tinna has a soft "i" in her name, is very affectionate, and that it is easy to make her laugh. William, Tinna's twin brother, is a very endearing boy who stomped on my foot (not on purpose!), waited with patience to open his book after lunch, and likes to climb.

Shannon (self-described "medieval lore whore"!) stopped by Richmond on her way home from Pennsylvania, so I finally got to meet my blog buddy/fellow saga-enthusiast and her children. Shannon is a kind of cowgirl...when traveling on her own with her kids, she's constantly roundin' up the easy task when two of them are so young. While we had lunch I was reminded how much enjoyment children bring...and what constant work it is to always be on Mom Alert every waking moment. Thanks for visiting!

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John said...

You do have things to feel guilty about. You just aren't talking.

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