May 12, 2007


No, not my Prius, this film:

Little Trip to Heaven, directed by Baltasar Kormákur. 2005. Featuring Forest Whitaker and Julia Stiles. Filmed in Iceland and Minnesota. Drama. "There is no such thing as a no fault death."

This Iceland/US hybrid might have been called "Lost in Translation." Oops, that was used already (another film I expected to like, but which I found stultifyingly dull).

An insurance claims inspector investigates a suspicious death and a one-million-dollar policy involving an abused (and, of course, lovely and young) woman and her--brother? husband?
Dark, cold, atmospheric scenery that enhances the foreboding feel of the film. Excellent acting on the part of the ever-versatile and appealing Forest Whitaker.

The film has Icelandic scenery, some good acting, and lots of suspense. But it is disjointed--the plot doesn't hang together, and it is a disappointing effort by a director with at least two exceptionally fine films under his belt (The Sea, 101 Reykjavík). I am expecting Kormákur's Myrín not to disappoint! When will I be able to see it?


Professor Batty said...

... IMHO Myrín is a great crime drama, very tightly plotted, wonderful acting, and it certainly captures a vivid sense of neighborhoods in Reykjavík and the surrounding areas. I haven't heard a peep about it being distributed in the US- it wasn't in our international film festival this spring. I had a "week-end with Kormákur" when I was in Reykjaík last October- seeing his stage production of Petur Gautur, Myrín and was almost run over by the man himself (he was trying to park at National Theatre and didn't see me at first...) I missed Little Trip...

karen said...

"Little Trip to Heaven" automatically gets one Puffin for having a child named Thor in it. The rest of it confusing. And what was Forest Whitaker's Irish accent about?

Rose said...

Tell me you watched this BEFORE reading my review, Karen! What is the big draw for you about the name Thor?--I agree with you that it is a great name, especially based on my one personal friend with that name--a wonderful person. Whitaker's accent was weird. My favorite film of his remains The Crying Game. So all this reminds me of the film I was trying to remember the name of when we last met: Angels of the Universe
Both the video and print versions of which are owned by Univ. of Iowa, not Iowa State as I had thought. Alas, when I think of the rules you could bend for me if it were otherwise...;-)

Karen said...

I watched it after! I'm willing to give Julia Stiles a chance in anything. I even watched "Mona Lisa Smile."

Kids have unusual names these days, but Thor beats them all.