May 2, 2007

Birthday Present

Two years ago, Karen surprised me by showing up on my doorstep for my birthday.

Traveling from Iowa to Virginia
demonstrates a Firm Commitment
to the Element of Surprise.

Karen surprised me this year by enclosing the following in my birthday card:

A five kronur note from 1928! I asked Karen for the story behind it.

"My Dad was in the Army Air Corps in WWII and was a tail gunner on B17s... He was stationed in so many places that he would pick up currency and coins from wherever he was. He wrote amounts on all the bills. Maybe they were what he thought they were worth at the time? Long before he died he sent the collection to me...There are about 50,000 questions I would like to ask my Dad if he where still alive and the story of the currency collection is one of them."


Devon Ellington said...

Very cool! What a great gift, and what a lovely story behind it!

Devon Ellington
Ink in My Coffee

Rose said...

Thank you, Devon. I have looked at your blog, and will enjoy spending some more time reading it. So far I haven't answered my question: are you an author or editor? Or both?