Feb 28, 2007


Question 1:

Thor and I were talking on skype the other night about Angels of the Universe. When I mentioned Gudmundsson, Thor said "Who? You mean Einar--in Iceland we use first names!"

Which makes me wonder...in a film or book review, should I refer to the author or director by first or last name? If the focus of this blog is Iceland, why am I using a non-Icelandic name convention? What do YOU think? Here is your chance to vote!

Question 2:

I enjoyed Batty's description of how he got Iceland on the Brain. What about you others out there...want to share? It's fun to hear from folks who have a similar obsession--or should I say passion?


Shannon said...

Hi Rose!

I think it all depends on who your target audience is. If you are generally targeting Americans, then you may want to keep name form as we are used to seeing it. While your blog may be about your passion for all things Icelandic, that doesn't mean you have to change the way you write...does it?

My passion of Iceland...well...it started because we were sent by the Navy to live there. I spent 30 months in Iceland. June 2001 - January 2004. I cried for 3 hours straight when I was told that was where we were going...all I could think about was living on an island full of earthquakes and volcanoes. After doing a bit of research, I went to the country with an open mind, ready for the adventure. What an adventure it turned out to be...and what a beautiful place to have it! After 1 week in the country, I was in love. The food was wonderful, the countryside so clean, and the kids safe and free. Where in America can you leave your baby in a stroller on the sidewalk while you go shop in a store? I'd move back to Iceland in a heartbeat...if only they'd have me!


Rose said...

What an opportunity! Were you able to learn much Icelandic? I thought it was a terribly difficult language to learn, and couldn't seem to master anything beyond the basics. Like...

ECS said...

I think it started the first morning I was here, when I smelled that special freshness in the air and saw how wide open the landscape is, the way the waves crashed on the rock cliffs of the south coast, and the strangely nuzzly, friendly horses. I have a series of photos of me about two hours into my Iceland visit with a massive grin on my face, surrounded by curious, furry horses.

It hasn't gotten any less since living here either. The completness of the culture here, the endlessly fascinating weather patterns, the landscape...it's still awesome when you see it every single day.

Anonymous said...

Don't build up your angst quotient: simply give the whole name each time. So one would talk of Einar Guðmundsson [hmmm. Transliterated to Gudmundsson, please], and let the reader or listener have the worry.

Rose said...

That way I can keep everybody happy, and no one confused ;-) Thanks, Thor! And now I'll have to think of something else to build my angst quotient up over....