Jan 24, 2007

Christmas Greetings from Iceland

I wasn't the only one with secrets. Meanwhile, John was engaged in a stealth correspondence with a jeweler that we met our last day in Iceland, Maria Langenbacher. We visited her shop on Skolavordustigur, Mariella, and John and I loved her jewelry designs. Maria had stories to tell about the origins of the stones and materials in each piece. She was just as intriguing as her unusual jewelry designs. We didn't buy anything that day, but were tempted by a number of beautiful pieces.
On Christmas day I opened a package that had a Mariella sticker on it. I waited before opening it, savoring the feeling of not knowing what beautiful piece lay inside. It turns out that Maria sent John several sketches before he made up his mind. Seems to me he couldn't have made a better choice. Could it possibly have been lovelier? Now I carry a piece of Iceland with me everywhere I go.

The stone sparkles when the sun hits it, and the other side is just as unusual, yet different. I love surprises!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog when I was searching for information on M. Mariella. I was wondering if you had an email contact for her or the shop. my email is ellenmccurtin at hotmail.com.
in advance, thank you!

sabrina said...

I'm actually looking for contact info also. My fiance and I visited a few years ago and were too stupid to buy these rings we were in love with. We've been trying to hunt down contact info ever since. Do you happen to still have an email address for her or the shop? Thank you so much! My email is she at pocketpig.com.