Jan 23, 2007

Birthday Greetings From Iceland

You may recall that we first encountered the artwork of Adalheidur Skarphedinsdottir while dining at Fjoruhusid Cafe in Hellnar.

We had only one day left in Reykjavik to try and locate her studio, and we were not successful. But the brochure that we picked up in Fjoruhusid enabled me to track her down when we returned to the states. And thus began a series of Top Secret international calls, emails and packages.

Adalheidur was kind enough to send me a portfolio with a sampling of her artwork, and I saw a number of pieces that I really responded to. I selected a print that she created in 1994 called "The Date." Adalheidur credited a visit to the National Museum in Reykjavik as the inspiration for the piece. She said she was fascinated by old folk art in wood from the 15th and 16th centuries.

What appealed most to me: the love, symbolized by the heart, cats, dancing, food, family/friends, music and movement all were meaningful to me, and I thought they were elements that John would respond to.

So for his birthday, I surprised John with this lovely print. Thank you, Adalheidur, for gracing our home with your spirit.

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John said...

This just goes to show I am not the only devious one in the family.