Oct 13, 2006

Iceland/Clapton connection

Why has Eric Clapton not retired, you ask? After 40 years he continues to put on really hot concerts. Last night's was not unplugged, bluesy and calm, like I was expecting, but really rockin'! Surely he is tired of travel--the crowds--the mindlessly adoring public--singing old songs when he wants to sing new ones. Surely he doesn't need the money?

But wait! Eric vacations in Iceland during the summer, fishing for salmon at one of the expensive fishing lodges. ERIC CAN'T AFFORD TO RETIRE!

Which gives me the opportunity to tell you that John And I Have Arrived. How far have we arrived? Well, we were on Eric's security detail last night at John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville. Does it get any better than that? Nei.

photo: JOE MAHONEY/Richmond Times-Dispatch
(the same Joe Mahoney who photog
raphed a recent wedding in the family)

ERIC CLAPTON REVIEW: 'Slowhand' slow down? Not hardly

Clapton's skill and integrity on display in Charlottesville show



Friday, October 13, 2006

Eric Clapton is one of the many in the I-said-I-retired-from-touring-but-I'm-back club -- and no one is arguing with that decision.

A month into this latest leg of a world tour that launched in May, Clapton, at 61, is as vital a musician and performer as his two six-string sidekicks, the immensely gifted Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall II.

Most of last night's sold-out concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville was business as usual for Clapton. From looking like a banker on casual Friday in a pink button-down shirt, specs and baggy pants, to his workmanlike approach on the opening double punch of "Pretending" and "I Shot the Sheriff," Clapton never stopped to talk, showboat or do anything but wail on his guitar for two hours.



AT: John Paul Jones Arena last night

Even this mostly middle-aged crowd remained on its feet for the majority of the show, swaying along to the reggae thump of "Sheriff" and dancing appreciatively when Clapton retrieved the Derek & The Dominos gems "Anyday" and "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out."

Anyone questioning Clapton's ability can turn in their music-appreciation badge immediately and move on, but even a legend requires some assistance. He shared the heavy lifting all night with comparative youngsters Trucks and Bramhall, whose playing proved they have every right to share the stage with guitar roy alty. Trucks is a phenomenal slide player and Bramhall's melodicstyle and equally strong backup vocals provided the perfect complement to Clapton's clean, but never pristine, blues.


No--we're not in this picture. Just wanted you to feel the power of Authority. Actually we were outfitted in navy vests with the UVA insignia, along with khakis and white polo shirts. The preppie look, as one would expect at a UVA event.


Anonymous said...

Infamous?! Ouch.

Karen said...

Did you bust any heads? ; )

Rose said...

We didn't bust any heads! We each had the opportunity to fend off several admirers. If they hadn't been so inebriated they would surely have noticed a slight difference in our ages...
The most creative pick-up line of the night: "you used to work for U-Haul, didn't you."
Right--it wasn't all that creative.