Oct 8, 2006

Iceland Women's Soccer comes to Richmond

Big day in Richmond today! First of all, it stopped raining after days of deluge. (We got over 4" of rain in the past week--much of it while we were at an outdoor concert Friday featuring New Orleans great Dr. John.)

But the really great thing was that the Iceland Women's Soccer team came to play the U.S. Women's National team, right here in Richmond. We bought 9 tickets, and had some of the best seats available during the first half of the game. During the second half most of the action was on the other side of the field.

U.S. scored in the first half and it remained 1-0 most of the game. At 89 minutes Iceland scored to tie. Finally the U.S. scored one more in stoppage time. Exciting! The Iceland keeper, Thora Helgadóttir, had an incredible performance with 14 saves. Iceland played great defense. It was exciting to see Abby Wambach and Kristine Lilly in person, playing right in front of us for the first half. We were disappointed that Briana Scurry didn't play, for it would have been great to experience her intensity firsthand.

I was rooting for Iceland, John was rooting for both teams, and Peter supported the U.S. A large crowd showed up, and we were still hiking in from the parking lot while the teams were being introduced. Our friends told us that the audience was intrigued by the Icelandic names, and how they all ended in "dottir." Can you believe it, there weren't any Iceland t-shirts for sale--Darn!

About the Dr. John concert: when Lewis Ginter Gardens says, "All shows are RAIN OR SHINE. Please bring rain gear and umbrellas if there is a chance of rain" they mean it! John (Duke, that is) danced in the rain throughout the concert, his poncho blowing about in a frenetic manner. Dr. John's music has been described as a "unique blend of voodoo mysticism, funk, rhythm & blues, psychedelic rock and Creole roots"--clearly, he's hard to classify! And impossible to resist!

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