Mar 21, 2006

Why Blog?

The subject of Iceland might possibly become tedious to my family and friends. They may have reached their breaking point already. Or passed it, weeks ago. This blog may be a "healthy" outlet.

Why Iceland?

Bill Holm. The Sagas. Halldor Laxness. Gunnella at Icelandic Communities Association of North Dakota. It goes so well with Hawaiian music.

Why me?
I can't help it.
Why you?
Are you berserker about Iceland too?


Antonia said...

Wow -- What a great blog!

Antonia said...

So, Rose, when did this obsession begin? Have you ever been to Iceland? Do you have any recommended movies/books/music about Iceland?

Anonymous said...

So, in Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World," banishment to Iceland is used as a threat to force one of the primary characters, Bernard Marx, to conform. Initially it is implied that this is an extreme threat, however, later on the reader discovers that "the islands" (including Iceland) is where the intellectuals, scientists, and artists have enclaves. Although this may be a nightmare for some, it is presented in a positive light by Huxley. Go Iceland!