Mar 23, 2006

Fun Iceland Fact: Public institutions of higher learning in Iceland are tuition free for residents!

Your Questions: Answered

When did your obsession begin?
Approximately 3 years ago.

Have you ever been to Iceland?
Only in my dreams.

Are you a lazy sod, or what?
No, I recently spent the major part of a week revising an essay for an Icelandic Air Spring Break contest. I didn't win, but it sure felt like a winning essay to me! You'll have a chance to see it soon.

What can I look forward to on this site?
Reviews of books on Iceland! Rants and raves! More fun facts!


isaold said...

You should also listen to Sigur Rós, a fantastic Icelandic group. Their music is like touching heaven =)

Rose said...

Isaold, thanks for your suggestion! I'm hoping to either see the documentary, or get the CD "Screaming Masterpieces," which features Sigur Ros. Have you heard this yet? It sounds like a good intro. to contemporary Icelandic music.