Aug 25, 2012

Back to Iceland

No, I don't have a trip planned--only the one in my imagination. But I have missed writing and reading about Iceland this past year. And I have missed the connections with all of you bloggers who have Iceland on the Brain: those I know about and those I have yet to discover.

To sum up this past year: distraction. We finished phase one of our log cabin renovation, and we moved in. We enjoyed a family wedding, as son Gabriel married Rachel, and we hosted a rehearsal dinner here at the Condemnation Plantation. We also hosted an Open Log House, which was a wonderful way to bring closure to a three-year period of obsessing about our house project, and to make the transition from house to home.

With all these events behind us it is time for me to do three things I'm excited about:

  • wish a Happy 24th Birthday to son Peter
  • wish a Happy Birthday to writer Bill Holm
  • review an Icelandic book 


Professor Batty said...

Back after a year! To the day!

Darien Fisher-Duke said...

It's good to be back, Professor.