Feb 9, 2011

On eating my own words

Thoughts on the human condition:
We are the very slaves of circumstances ... and we never know what we may do, or what we may not. What appears to us so improbable as to border even upon the impossible at one time, is at another the only course of action which appears feasibly open to us to attempt to pursue.
From Varney the Vampyre, by Thomas Preskett Prest or James Malcolm Rymer [authorship uncertain], 1847.


AntoniaFD said...

Varney! There are so many things I can't wait to talk about with you. You should convince your book club to read it. I'd come in for that.

Rose said...

All I can say, Antonia, is Be Patient. Although I alternate the audio version with the digital version (available to all of you! Download from UVA Library, free), it will take awhile.
Hmmm ... high school students committing to reading a237 chapters? How many pages is that? Oh, I forgot. Not only couldn't he write very well, his arithmetic wasn't too hot either ...