Feb 19, 2011

Iceland Saves Shih Tzu

We have two rescue dogs, both Shih Tzus; this blog's URL is named after one of them. Foo has been prone to skin problems for years. He gets bloody, crusty sores in areas he can't reach to scratch, such as the top of his head, so we know that they are aggravated by some type of allergy or irritation, not by scratching or biting at himself. To make a long, mildly disgusting story less long, he is on hypo-allergenic food, and that has helped a lot. But the sores flared up again. Our new groomer had a novel suggestion: put him on salmon oil.

Well! That worked miracles, I mean really. But it is expensive and messy. And smelly: the dogs and I go around smelling like fish all day.

To solve the dual problem of expense and messiness, I looked around for a product that comes in a bigger container and has a pump.  I was surprised (and delighted) to find Unscented Salmon Oil from Iceland Pure. It isn't cheap, but it does cost a bit less than what I was buying locally, even including the shipping (it is shipped from an importer in Vista, CA). It comes in a lovely green aluminum bottle which I plan to re-purpose for something when it's empty. The pump works great: no mess. And, my dogs no longer have fishy smelling faces.

This is a product I recommend.

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Janet said...

I was feeding Dusty a type of food that had Salmon in it for those good fish oils...and what Fish breath. I will keep this product in mind, I am waiting to see what the weather brings. We love our dogs.