Aug 27, 2009

A Recent Chat

Pete, Gabe, and unidentified fella in Portland, ME, August 2009

Pete and Mom at "Bill's" Coffeeshop, 2002

Recently our (adult) boys were up in Vermont/NewHampshire/Maine for 10 days of hiking and camping. On one of the last days of the trip we found ourselves online at the same time, and the following chat ensued:

"pete wants to know if youll buy us kayaks for half day since youre an aficionado of the sport and want your children to enjoy it in its most pristine setting"

"money buys love"

"the love was there before the money but it loosens the tongue"

The end result was they did go kayaking, they had a wonderful time, and their tongues were loosed. Boy Howdy, are we the best parents in the world?

Money well spent.


Janet said...

You are pretty darn good parents. I made John learn to kayak before we went to Alaska. No sitting around for me!

Rose said...

I would LOVE to hear about the Alaska trip sometime, Janet.