Aug 23, 2009

Brass from Richmond to Iceland

We went to hear the No BS Brass Band tonight at Lulu's, and I haven't felt that kind of excitement since hearing Benni Hemm Hemm in San Francisco in 2007. There were a number of similarities between the two bands: LOTS of brass, incredible energy, great musicality. They both have really original compositions and arrangements. No BS is a Richmond band whose members "have been trained in the conservatory and in the garage band"; they are all brass and percussion. Icelandic band Benni Hemm Hemm includes brass and percussion, as well as guitar, glockenspiel and strings, but it is the brass which really stands out.

Give them a listen, and try to catch them in concert!

Evening Trivia:
*Someone bought me a copy of the band's 3rd CD as an upcoming Christmas present. I promised to forget. Forget what?
*Gabe cooks at Lulu's, which offered the best dinner in town tonight, for a stellar $8.
*If I said that I have performed with a member of the No BS Brass Band, I wouldn't be lying.

If you don't know which is the Richmond band and which is the Icelandic one, ask yourself: who is wearing sweaters?

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John said...

I'm going to second that emotion.