Apr 19, 2009

Food, food, food

The difficult decision I had to make yesterday got me thinking about food. So, in the interests of food, and of trying out the Blogger Poll gadget, you will find a survey on the right panel. Voting closes in one week, so be sure to be included!

Yesterday I had to choose between two things I really wanted to do: take a community garden tour with food guru Michael Pollen, or go to a field hockey tourney at Christopher Newport University to watch Peter and his team-mates play. Tough decision. My choice:

It was a good choice. We had a lovely day in Newport News, Chicken Girl filled us in on the garden tour, and Susan will fill me in on Pollen's talk at the Richmond Forum tomorrow.

Many of you have been posting pictures of spring in your blogs. Spring has sprung in Richmond too. Our wisteria is doing really well this year, and a robin has been busy building a nest on our deck. No webcam, but expect updates.


Rose said...

I can't edit my typo in the poll. Voting has already occurred, and editing would change the highly scientific nature of the results. So you'll just have to deal with philosphy!

Shannon said...

I was worried to vote honestly but I bit the bullet and did it anyway. Glad to see I'm in the majority! =) Your Wisteria is beautiful. I'd kill for one but haven't found any in the garden centers yet. Ours are all in bloom around here, too. I love VA!

Jon said...

I'm still watching the snow melt.:(

Anonymous said...

wow! the wisteria is doing very well, you don't see that here. I haven't anyway. beautiful pictures.

and, I did my duty and voted : ) but I think I go through phases.