Mar 2, 2009

Snow Day!

What are the best things about snow in Richmond?

1. You (teachers, librarians) get the day off. And, if it not only threatens to snow, but actually does, the rest of the city gets the day off too.

2. Maybe you get more than one day off, because we don't have many snowplows.

3. Maybe you get three or more days off, because we have lots of trees and above-ground wires.

4. You can really enjoy the day off more if you have electricity, as this translates to coffee, the internet, and warmth. (Many in the city won't, sadly--hi there, log cabin dwellers--I know you can't read this right now)

5. You don't have to shovel snow! Just wait a day or two--it will melt all by itself. And if it takes longer than a day or two to melt you won't be expected at work anyway.

6. When you only get big snowstorms every 4 years or so, you really appreciate the beauty!

7. If you got to Ukrops before the pre-snow panic, you can feel smug.

8. Icelandic hats work great in Richmond.

feeling smug


Professor Batty said...

You've got more snow than us!

Rose said...

That's a switch! And I'm guessing we appreciate it more, too. We are just going out to shovel...just the minimum. Enough to get the cars out, and clean the walks, and be able to open the doors. We just have to hold off until Wednesday, when it will melt. You clearly see that Virginians have the luxury of being much lazier than Minnesotans.

Jon said...

I remember, as a kid in Delaware, that 4 inches shut us down for three days. I envy you your laziness. Snow removal is a hobby for us in the Great White North. I'd rather be in Reykjavik.

Professor Batty said...

Let me know when you start Atom Station, I'll re-read it and post a coordinated review if it so pleases you...