Mar 4, 2009

Two New Grandchildren!

Let me introduce Gabe's new baby. Lady Fafnir, or perhaps Fafnirsdottir. She's a Bearded Dragon and just arrived this week, shipped from Oregon.

And here is Mr. Snuffles/Yum Yum, described by her mother as "4 pounds of dreadlocks and purr." We are very proud of both of our grandchildren. We look forward to "My Grandchild is an Honor Student at..." bumper stickers in the near future.


John said...

[shakes his head in wondrous disbelief]

Rose said...

Are you overwhelmed by your feelings of pride?

Shannon said...

As long as your bumper sticker doesn't read "My Grandchild is an Honor Student At Eating Lizards"!!! Bwahaha!

What is "Fafnir"? Dragon? The cat looks very grumpy. Love it!

lab munkay said...

I saw a bumper sticker ay work that read- "My Grandchild is inmate of the month". I do not want that for your babies. Raise them up right eh.

Rose said...

Ha! If you work in hospitals or prisons, ya gotta have a sense of humor.
Shannon, Fafnir is a Bearded Dragon. Gabe is very proud of her! Being a Dad will be a big responsibility: she will grow to about 2 feet! I just read that "their temperament is extremely docile and trusting, therefore making it an excellent pet"

Anonymous said...

And she's now shaved and wearing a sweater. Didn't think it was possible for Yum-yum to look any crankier than she did, but wow. It is adorable.