Mar 9, 2009

Iceland Rams Win!

Oops. That would be the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams... the CAA Championship basketball game...and last minute, free tickets to excellent seats.

VCU deserved to win, because:

1) they have the cutest uniforms

2) they have the cutest coach

3) they have cute fans

4) their Pep Band rocks.

Can you find Eric Maynor and Coach Grant?
Final score: VCU 71, George Mason 50.


Professor Batty said...

That team's nickname isn't the Lopi's, by any chance?

Give me a date for the Fish review, I'll be done with mine by Sunday PM. (I'm finding it a bit easier to read than Warriors...

Rose said...

Ooh, then try reading Warriors a second time. Really: it's worth it! How about my favorite book on my birthday, April 11? Jon, are you on board?
Only a weaver's husband would make a joke about Lopi's. Actually their mascot, while it has ram horns, has a face that doesn't look sheeplike at all.

Professor Batty said...

April 11th it is- 12:01 AM EST...

Jon said...

Okee Dokee!