Jan 6, 2009

Wall of Fame

When John and I visited Blue Ridge Mountain Sports for some Christmas shopping, we were delighted to see that our family photo from Iceland, 2006, was still on display!
It's a great store, but we find it necessay to wait for sales before buying any uber-cool outdoor wear. The jackets that the four of us wore throughout Iceland came from Blue Ridge. We get lots of gear there, too.


John said...

It just so happens that I had this exchange today on Facebook when someone saw one of those glacier pictures, with me wearing that same jacket:

Ken: thats' not YOU ... no way!
me: Yes, that is indeed me, climbing a glacier in Iceland. If I wanted to fake it, I would be shown already on top.
Ken: so you didn't make it to the top? just kidding. is that a seemingly bottomless gaping chasm to the right that one false move could have swallowed you up like a national geographic documentary victim?
me: Yes, you are correct about the chasm. What you can't see is the horde of Vikings hot on my tail, which gave my climb a sharp sense of urgency.
John2: Color me impressed! I enjoyed the one time I ever went rock climbing, but all I've heard about ice climbing is how dangerous it is. Certainly that's a nice shot, and a great spur to remembering the moment, I'll bet.
me: It's only dangerous if you fall.

Rose said...

It just so happens that I know you don't know a single soul named Ken. Or John. I think this conversation is fiction. Totally.

Something tells me this is your attempt to remind me that you have way more friends on facebook than me. But I'm not jealous.

It is a pretty impressive picture.