Nov 4, 2008

What Made My Day

Standing in the rain in the dark with a huge crowd of excited people at 6 am, waiting to vote.

Celebrating early with family, croissants and coffee at Can Can Brasserie.

Shopping this afternoon at Ukrops, where you must allow the bagperson to bring your groceries to your car for you. My bagboy loaded my groceries and said, "Thank you for voting for Obama!" (Then said, "I'm not supposed to say that.")

An African-American has been elected to the Presidency. It's a mandate. YES!

Virginians support Barack Obama. YES!

No more Sarah Palin. Tina Fey, you are fabulous.

Peter's roommates stopped by for some musical equipment and were so excited about voting for the first time. THEY'RE WINNERS!

Pumpkin created by anonymous artist at ACAC, Richmond, VA.

Jonathan and The Speckled Bird have an Election Night Throw-Down tonight at the Camel. CELEBRATE

My copy of The Great Weaver from Kashmir by Halldór Laxness arrived.

8 long years. Now the view from Brimnes will be better.

Much better.

With champagne sent from my Dad in California,
a toast to Barack Obama!


John said...

Obama rocks! You rock!

Anonymous said...

This post made my day!


Professor Batty said...

... So, shall it be December 10th again for our "dueling" reviews of The Great Weaver from Kashmir?

Rose said...

Cosmic. It's a deal, PB.
I'll have to get busy, esp. since the student book club selected Oliver Twist(!) for our December meeting. I'm not a huge fan so far...

Rose said...

Two pages in and I'm hooked.

Professor Batty said...

... I've got to finish Per Petterson’s Out Stealing Horses first. December 10th it is!