Oct 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

It was 5 days late, but yesterday was the day we celebrated Jonathan's birthday. You can celebrate too...just take a listen to some of the fantastic music on his newly-released EP! That's right, Jonathan Vassar is a singer/songwriter/musician, and you can listen to his music here and here. Better yet, purchase a copy of The Hours and the Days from Triple Stamp Records, or...now available on iTunes!

How did we celebrate? I'm glad you asked. The whole family got tattoos to match Jonathan's:



To keep up with his music and performances, it's easy to periodically check my Links, over there on the right side of my blog. His music may not be Icelandic, but I give it Five Puffins!


Jonathan said...

Thanks Darien. You're my number one mother-in-law!

Shannon said...

REAL tattoos or temporary? If real, you are one brave woman!

Shannon said...

Oh, sorry...Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Rose said...

Wait...I'm your ONLY mother-in-law. Hey...!