Jul 1, 2008

Not Iceland

...but Long Beach, CA, is pretty nice! We enjoyed a Long Beach Municipal Band concert at the park, consumed an excess of delicious picnic food, and got to meet the natives...in this case, a Shih Tzu that made me miss Wu and Foo dogs. We got to meet the Long Beach chickens and the new kittens.

In the morning we got up to exchange bathroom stories: each of us had independently gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night where, coincidentally, the kittens sleep. Each of us spent a very long, enjoyable time in the bathroom, petting Bogey and Mulligan, and listening to the sounds of those rattly purrs.

Long Beach is a wonderfully diverse area ("the most ethnically diverse large city in the United States"--USA Today 2000), with lots of ethnic food, vintage clothes stores, lovely homes from the 20's with beautiful yards, and...some odd characters as well. Check out this guy and his Harley rig: he's all dudded up in Harley gear, head to toe, and he's exchanged his motorcycle for a limited edition Harley bicycle. He gave us a complete tour of all of its special features, and allowed me to photograph him. Michele came to Long Beach to visit...see her in the background? Hi, Michele! Love you!
We continue to find street art in California...love these stencils that appear here and there!

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