Nov 17, 2007

BookMooch Update

It's fun to look back and see what I have mooched over the past 3 months. I've sent books by the following authors to people who wanted them: Wilkie Collins, Ray Bradbury, Carlos Fuentes, Barbara Pym, Robert Hans Van Gulik, and James Crumley. These books have gone to folks in five states in the U.S., England, and Australia!

I have mooched the following books, from North Carolina, Illinois, New York, and Canada: Helprin's Freddy and Fredericka, Massey's Typhoon Lover, Leithauser's Friends of Freeland (fiction book loosely based on Iceland), and, for Jonathan, Ubik by Philip K. Dick.

Interesting collection! You should see my wishlist. In fact, why don't you: you may see something you can send me, and be convinced to join BookMooch! While you're at it, search for those titles you've been wanting, and see if a BookMooch member, somewhere in the world, has them.


Shannon said...

Oooh, I didn't know Nancy Marie Brown had another book! (The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman) I read A Good Horse Has No Color a few years ago. Now I need to find this one, too! (BTW, if you can't mooch the Horse book, I can loan it to you...actually, I could send it your way next week if you'd like. I'll be at the PO on Monday)

Rose said...

Wow, I'd love that Shannon! As you can see from WorldCat, I can't get it from any local libraries. Thanks!

Shannon said...

I'll email you when I ship it!

lab munkay said...

I like the sound of Finnigan's Wake. My kind of rambling tale.

Rose said...

Shannon: thank you--received!
Munkay: I find your rambling tales MUCH more interesting!